The Dog Bone LLC

The Dog Bone LLC

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From One Dog Lover to Another

The Dog Bone is a business based in South Windsor, Connecticut. My online store serves customers anywhere in the US.

My Story

I began making homemade treats for my bulldog, Tank, who had skin issues. Noticing how much he enjoyed my cookies, I started making more treats as gifts to my family and friends who were dog lovers like me.

Because I understand the health needs of canines, I make sure that I prepare only healthy cookies that help keep dogs in good shape. With this in mind, I ventured into launching an online store where I sell my homemade goodies.

Our two Labradors, Sheamus (3-year-old Black Lab) and Brady (4-month-old Yellow Lab), are the newest inspirations behind The Dog Bone. They are the "official taste testers." They absolutely love our treats! Where Sheamus will eat whatever comes his way, Brady is a bit more, shall we say, picky!